Celebrate Life

Today I am feeling melancholy . . . Yesterday I had two distinctly different emotional experiences.

I attended a funeral yesterday and watched my brother and his son’s family suffer great grief at the celebration of life for his 22 month old grandson, Braxton. It was heart-wrenching. While I haven’t been that close with them over the past several years, I went to the service for support. I felt the love of the Savior as I hugged my Nephew, his sisters and his mother, and also my brother. Yet, I can only imagine their pain.

I also spent the last three days on vacation with my own children and my 5 grandchildren, It was joyous. When I saw Grayson last night, my two year old grandchild,

I gave him an extra long hug and I felt the love of the Savior.

Yet, I can only imagine the Saviors love for us as God's children.

Life is a precious gift and despite the pain, love brings joy.

#CelebrateLife #Joy #Sorrow

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